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Good alternative of MS Visio-

In this post I'll describe how this wonderful tool has helped me in creating business diagrams on the fly and that's absolutely at zero cost, yes absolutely zero cost. Let's quickly see this wonderful tool.
So are you looking for creating workflows/flowchart/diagrams for your business needs? might be one of the good solution you can definitely give a try. This tool has a number of features that can help you to build your diagrams more quickly, especially need of icons/images/arrows/outline images etc are available on the fly(some might require internet connectivity). So let's see how you can get start with
Availability- Online & Offline Online- Just open the URL- (Save your diagrams on different cloud options-GoogleDrive & Onedrive or local disk as well) Offline- Download the installer and get this working on your local machine (windows, linux, macOS) Download Link-

Oracle SOA 12c- Human Task Approval Issue

In this post, I'll discuss about the recent issue of multi-step human task approval workflow. The scenario belongs to issue of a multi step user task approval where the request was initiated by Oracle IDAM and workflow being fulfilled using Oracle SOA. Below is the summary of the use case-

Oracle Soa Suite 12c, Oracle IDAM 12c

There was a two step approval process where approval request was initiated from Oracle IDAM system (OIM). All user base resides in OIM system at LDAP/DB level. Dynamic user assignment was there to act on user task. Initially, there was two level approval task where one user per level was assigned i.e. one user can act on a task. Later, the requirement changed as task assignment to group for level 2 approval. The task assignment was being done using business rules. So, changes done and the composite was deployed and tested out. The approval flow was fine up to level 1 but after approval by level 2 (any group member) it shows the workflow statu…

JDeveloper 12c (SOA QuickStart) failed to start after updating the macOS

Recently one of the strange issue came with one of my colleague with respect to jDeveloper 12c Startup. Below is the summary of the issue and solution-

macOS Sierra, jDeveloper 12c (SOA12c QuickStart)

macOS was continuously giving the prompt for update. Mistakenly update was clicked and macOS updated to macOS Mojave ( System reboot done.When jDeveloper was started, only jDev splash screen came and gone. However, jDeveloper was not startedAfter several attempts, same thing happened and jDev was failed to start.Alternatively when tried to start via terminal, following logs were shown
Oracle JDeveloper 12c Release
 Copyright (c) 1997, 2017, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception in org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.SystemBundleActivator.start() of bundle org.eclipse.osgi.
at org.eclipse.osgi.framework.internal.core.InternalSystemBundle.resume(
at org.eclipse.osgi.fram…

Oracle Weblogic Server 12c RAC Connection

Oracle Database 12c RAC
In this post I'll list down the stepwise process to create a JNDI connection with Oracle RAC (Real application cluster) database. Following are the steps of the same-

Step 1
Login to Weblogic server console. Navigate to left pagination menu and select data sources. Now, create a new data source connection with type- GridLink
Step 2
Specify the connection & JNDI name-

Step 3
Set transaction(s) type-
Step 4
Specify various GridLink options-
Step 5
Setting connection properties-
Step 6
Testing the connection specified in step 5
Step 7
Now click on Test All Listeners if you fill everything correctly you will come up with “connection test for jdbc…. Succeeded ”.
Step 8
Now check FAN Enabled .which means  Fast Application Notification (FAN) that is a high availability notification mechanism that Oracle RAC uses to notify other processes about cluster configuration and service-level information, including status changes such as UP or DOWN events.
Step 9
Testing ONS configuration…

Oracle SOA Suite 12c Guided Learning path

Guided Learning path
I have received a lot of queries regarding the Guided Learning Path(GLP) of Oracle SOA Suite. Based on my experience, I'll try to list down the prerequisites and the learning path to Oracle SOA Suite 12c that will help for a beginner/intermediate developer to move further in this domain.

Overview- Oracle SOA
What is SOA ?Overview of Oracle SOAReal Life ExamplesBenefits of using Oracle SOA SuiteImportance- Oracle SOA SuiteIntroduction to Web Services
Overview of XML, XSD, Web-Services, SOAP, UDDI, WSDLOverview of XML, XSD, Web-Services, SOAP, UDDI, WSDLWeb Services Sample Demonstration.Understanding WSDLService Component Architecture (SCA)
Introduction to Service Component ArchitectureBuilding blocks of SCAOverview of Oracle SOA Suite 12cIntroduction to Components of Oracle SOA SuiteInstallation Oracle SOA Suite- QuickStart
Overview of WebLogic serverOverview WebLogic Domains and Server instancesSetting up Oracle SOA EnvironmentManaging and Monitoring Composite Appli…

Oracle SOA 12c- IDAM 12c Group based task assignment

In this post I'll describe about the business scenario where following requirements came for human task assignment in SOA suite 12c-

Oracle EISS (Enterprise Identity Services Suite) consists of a bundle that contains SOA suite with IDAM for workflows management.

The current scenario involves 2 level approval of a task where approval request was processed in serial mode i.e. participants of task were in serial mode. Users at level 1 & 2 were identified dynamically and business rule was enforced for task assignment.

Business Requirement
Human task approval level 1 should be assigned to a single user and approval level 2 shoud go to a group rather than a single user. Once approved from level 1 the task should be assigned to a group of N members where each member can see the task in their inbox (in worklist app). Now if any participant has claimed the task and approved/rejected, the task should be marked as complete and should be removed from group.


Oracle SOA 12c unable to un-deploy or test deployed composite

This is my another post on troubleshooting on SOA suite 12c. Below is the summary of business scenario and possible solution-
Problem SOA Environment is somewhat dependant on other middleware product since this is being used in a bundle in IDAM or EISS(Enterprise Identity Services Suite).  After making some changes in IDAM product, all the servers were rebooted including Admin and managed servers of cluster (OAM,OIM & SOA). After restart, SOA managed servers (soa_server1 & soa_server2) were started in a healthy state but below problems identified- Tried to deploy a soa composite-> Unable to deploy errorTried to un-deploy a soa composite via em -> Unable to deploy errorTried to test existing soa composite -> WSDL not found error, however the same WSDL was accessible by testing through URL in web browserIn addition, no logs were printed in soa_server(x).log, soa_server(x).out, soa_server(x)-diagnostic.log Cause Below are possible cause of above problem-  Some administrative ri…

Oracle SOA 12c- BPEL namespace prefix xp20 can not be resolved

Recently I have faced a very strange issue during usage of BPEL xPath function that is used to transform input string to lowercase format. BPEL provides readymade string function(s) for string manipulation viz. lowercase, uppercase, trim, compare, concat..etc and few other as well.

Now, in order to convert input string to lowercase, below xPath function is available to do so-
  Function: xp20:lower-case()

Problem Statement 
After putting the input in above xPath function, the BPEL process compilation got failed with below error message-

 Error- namespace prefix xp20 can not be resolved

SOA Suite-

In order to use any namespace specific operation, this must be included in your namespace declaration. If missing, generally throws error of namespace resolution i.e. this is something like we are trying to use a namespace prefix whose reference is not available. There might be scenario when the namespace declaration got deleted accidentally when working on sourc…